Jun 2, 2012

I want to go to there

I'm not going to lie anymore, I fucking hate summer.
I will be Howard Hughesing it till September comes.


  1. i'll come, i just need to get away, run away from all this mess in my life x

    1. lol no, i think its a big con and a risk.. especially for me. Im waiting for driverless vehicles. I was just being hopeless anyways.. you go.. but please, do write x

    2. you should come, I'm not allowed to hitchhike by myself anymore.

    3. Oh i am great at hitchhiking, great legs for it ;) Will there be stops at gas stations to use their toilets as little drug booths ala Britney circa 2008? If we are going to take risks we may aswell take them all, right? Oh and brill, i get to pull out some old headscarves ive been dying to get some wear out of ;)

  2. Its Elyse Sewell's birthdee today. When is your birthday.. ie what is your star sign? Im a scorpio


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