Mar 26, 2009

Mar 25, 2009

italian bloggers do it best

"Manichini malleabili come fil di ferro appaiono le modelle negli scatti del maestro Baldovino Barani. Ambientazioni malinconiche e titaniche, sguardi eterei e peccaminosa teatralità contraddistinguono le tele confezionate dall'artista,
come nel caso del servizio The New Puritans, in cui esili sagome in preda a mistiche estasi si aggirano tra scorci oceanici e pudiche ostentazioni."

Mar 17, 2009

ebay envy

"An exceptionally patterned and tailored circa 1870s Victorian day dress, with fine detailing and finish. Printed cotton pattern has teal blue, plus lighter blue, reddish wine, browns, caramel, and black, on an ivory background. "

Mar 16, 2009

contact sheet

1962, Marilyn Monroe photographed by Bert Stern for American Vogue

Mar 10, 2009

DIOR fertility heels, s/s 2009

Leah: Yo Yo Yiggady Yo.
Juno MacGuff: I'm at suicide risk.
Leah: Juno?
Juno MacGuff: No, it's Morgan Freeman. Do you have any bones that need collecting?
Leah: Only the one in my pants...
Juno MacGuff: I'm pregnant.
Leah: What? Honest to blog?
Juno MacGuff: Yeah. Yeah, it's Bleekers.
Leah: It's probably just a food baby. Did you have a big lunch?
Juno MacGuff: No, this is not a food baby all right? I've taken like three pregnancy tests, and I'm forshizz up the spout.
Leah: How did you even generate enough pee for three pregnancy tests? That's amazing...
Juno MacGuff: I don't know, I drank like, ten tons of Sunny D... Anyway dude, I'm telling you I'm pregnant and you're acting shockingly cavalier.
Leah: Is this for real? Like, for real for real?
Juno MacGuff: Unfortunately, yes.
Leah: Oh my GOD. Oh shit! Phuket, Thailand!
Juno MacGuff: There we go. That was kind of the emotion that I was searching for on the first take.