Feb 3, 2012

Toute ressemblance avec des personnes existantes est purement fortuite

Pedobear strikes again


  1. hi darling, ive missed you. i do love the pedobear x

  2. by the way hun, if you follow this blog http://lindsaylohansite.blogspot.com/ you will know exactly what is going on in my life.. seriously its like some weird voodoo kindred spirit shit and lindsay and I share a cosmic life web. Our lives are inextricably entangled by time and its kind of strange. x

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    thank you for making me laugh, I really need it today.
    Also, your appropriate use of the word "inextricably" brings me a step closer to figuring out who the fuck you are.

  4. Oh... im glad to have brightened your day, i hope you are feeling better now. Its true tho, i really did miss you.. and i think you're really sexy and it feels dirty to haunt your page and lace my comments with cryptic innuendo. But you go ahead sweet and wash that man right of your hair ;)

    Concerning my identity.. clue number 1.. we have never met. Clue number 2.. ive been commenting on your page for some time now usually as anonymous but sometimes under other names since it took me a while to figure how to use the commenting system here. Seriously.. its all lindsay lohan's fault. Not joking about being twinsy soulmates though, you watch, when she rises like the pheonix from the ashes, so will i.. or when she returns to crackwhore ville, so will i. Its all fractal. Take care my gorgeous little cherub xx


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